Noteworthy Cases

noteworthy cases

Flemmings v. Collett 1997 CanLII 17013 (ON CJ): Alienation case.

Snape v. Snape 2011 ONSC 3857 (CanLII) : Main issue was spousal support, and health care benefits.

Rodriguez v. Singh 2011 ONCJ 728 (CanLII) : Child support, imputed income, arrears, costs.

Lafazanidis v. Lafazanidis 2014 ONSC 3287 (CanLII): Promissory notes, spousal support, equalization payment.

A.C.W. v. T.M.P, 2014 ONSC 6275 Div. Ct (CanLii): Appeal of a final order. Mobility issue.

Ombac v. George 2015 ONSC 1938 (CanLII): Constructive trust, Occupation Rent, Spousal Support. Spousal Support withdrawn during trial.