Veena Pohani delivers. We were trying for an unequal division of assets and I wasn’t very confident that we would succeed. She kept pushing no matter how much the Judge told her it wasn’t going to work. We had three meetings in front of the Judge and she kept trying to persuade the Judge right to the very end that we would be successful for our unequal divsion of assets claim. Finally in the end, she convinced the Judge and we only paid three fifths of the assets. I was ecstatic.


I really didn’t have very much money to play with in terms of legal fees because I couldn’t access the equity in my house or our investments. Veena Pohani was patient with me, and always convinced me to seek aggressive strategies so that we could unlock my equity which was being shielded my husband. Ultimately, we gained access to all my assets which were half mine. I would highly recommend Veena. She knows what she is doing for sure.


She is probably the best family lawyer in Toronto with the most reasonable rates. She communicates with you all the time. Your never left in the dark.


The best family lawyer in the city. Great rates. Best service.


Stop looking for a lawyer and call her. She is the best family lawyer ever.