Veena Pohani and Associates.

I am a trial and appellate lawyer. I have argued at every level of Court in Ontario, including the Superior Court of Justice, the Divisional Court, the Court of Appeal and drafted Supreme Court of Canada Leave Applications. I specialize in complex property cases that involve complex estate freezes, corporate reorganizations, deed of gifts, inter vivos gifts and trusts. My clients are sophisticated clients that believe in the quality of superior work. I provide quality and superior work as I have obtained vast experience and training due to my success in complex family law cases. However, that said, every case should be settled when it is possible. I am proud of being able to lower the temperature, de-escalate and focus at arriving at settlements whenever possible. There is no need for both parties to spend unnecessary legal fees.

I am also an asset recovery specialist specializing in fraud, embezzlement, white collar crime amongst spouses, bankruptcy and title fraud. Essentially, I specialize in preserving your equity, your growth in your property which is generally your single greatest asset, your principal residence. I have vast experience in reading through financial statements and looking for the trail of funds. It is when the trail goes cold, that the money has been parked somewhere else. I look through bank account statements and bank accounts that are used for different purposes, unexplained transfers, withdrawals and deposits to other accounts to look for misappropriated family monies. Spouses feel entitled due to various reasons during the marriage, and begin helping themselves to what they believe is their rightful share of the assets during the marriage. An example can be that you begin to notice “skimming” from the top. Usually the largest asset that is misappropriated is cash. Cash is fungible, moveable and easy to hide.

In this regard, I have developed a subspecialty in fraud, embezzlement and white collar crime amongst spouses.

I have also had extensive experience in custody and access, spousal and child support matters as well. I was a member of the Family Responsibility Office panel for 7 years and the Office of the Children’s Lawyer panel for 7 years also. I learned how to work for children and how to understand how the FRO works.

I have practiced Estates and Health Care Litigation for 16 years. I have conducted over 200 hearings before the Consent and Capacity Board.

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