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A decision to launch an Appeal to an Appeal Court is a significant and costly decision.

All appeals are not a matter of right and in some cases leave to appeal must be sought first.

I have appeared at all levels of Appeal Court including preparation of Supreme Court Leave Applications.

I’ve achieved success at the Appeals Court in the following cases:

Stetco v. Pohani 2014 ONCA 917. This was a case in which a client attempted to have my account assessed one year after the account was rendered. The Application was dismissed by Ontario Superior Court of Justice and Ontario Court of Appeal dismissed her application also.

A.C.W. v. T.M.P, 2014 ONSC 6275. This was an Appeal at the Divisional Court of Ontario over mobility rights. I represented the mother. The mother wanted to move to another city in Ontario. The mother was successful in having the first order set aside and a new trial was ordered.

L.G. v. Attorney General of Ontario and Legal Aid Ontario. This is an unreported decision in which I successfully had Legal Aid Ontario pay my client’s legal fees and disbursements to appeal her matter to Superior Court on a child welfare matter.